The Balvenie Motorcycle is ready

A few weeks ago we told you about the unusual collaboration between Scotch whisky producer The Balvenie and motorcycle builder Ida Olsson. The assignment was to rebuild a motorcycle to reflect the craftsmanship of the whisky's production and create the The Balvenie Motorcycle .After several months of construction and careful craftsmanship, the motorcycle is finally ready. We can...

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Lamborghini Launcher: Lambos electric future

At Monterey Car Week, Lamborghini showcased its electric concept car. Lamborghini Lanzador for the first time. The car - or something very similar to it - will not be launched until 2028, but already now Lamborghini has chosen to show a prototype.Normally, we are skeptical about writing about concept cars. “If my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a...

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Porsche 75 years – live tonight

75 years ago, Ferry Porsche realized his sports car dream. On June 8, 1948, his first Porsche 356 No. 1 Roadster was approved for traffic, marking the start of the world's largest sports car brand.Ferry Porsche och Porsche 356The first Porsche 356 - the start of the world's largest sports car brandFerdinand 'Ferry' Porsche was the son of...

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New BMW 5: Elegant & electric

Just weeks after Mercedes updated its E-Class, BMW releases its new 5 Series. No one is surprised. For rarely have two models been so closely positioned against each other as the Mercedes E and the BMW 5.Naturally, we've taken a look at BMW's newcomer, and the race between two of the strongest premium brands on the market.ExteriorBMW 5...

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Mercedes gives the E-Class a boost

For many years, the Mercedes E-Class was somehow the pinnacle of affordable comfort. More spacious than the C-Class and cheaper than the S-Class, it offered a perfect mix of comfort, elegance and affordability. It was no coincidence that the E-Class has sold 16 million copies and should be one of Sweden's most common cars in taxi use, at...

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